Building a recycling plant in Kibera

ASTICOM is a manufacturing company with the main aim to enable rural communities in Kenya to get access to affordable sources of energy and water. As part of what they call their „Waste to Energy“ programme, they recycle municipal solid waste in order to produce bio-fuel and electricity.

Meeting biochemist Dr. Leah Tsuma for a cup of coffee, she told me about their current big project to build large- scale, innovative recycling plants in Nairobi. In cooperation with several international companies like Fiberight, Seedrum and Hyrdothan, they have carried out extensive surveys (hydrological, urban vs. rural etc.) and are planning transfer stations in Kibera, Ngong, Naivahsa and Dandora. Unofficially, the first station in Kibera has been greenlighted, so now they are just waiting for the official documentation to come through so that they can start.

The recycling plant will not only convert organic waste into biofuel and electricity (even if that is its main purpose) - it will also be equipped with professional separating machinery in order to recycle every type of waste.

Although they have raised enough investment to build the plants, they will need more money to pay skilled personnel to run them initially, and train community members to run them later. At the moment, they’re considering a crowdfunding campain to raise the required amount.

It is a very promising project, which could make Kibera cleaner again and create many jobs at the same time. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the realisation and success of this mission!


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