Ecopost Limited

Recycling company

Back to Nairobi. After seeing Regeneration Africa in Malindi which makes its products using a small number of very basic machines, it was interesting to see how other companies are producing fencing posts out of plastic waste. Started by Lorna Rutto in 2009, EcoPost is now one of Kenya’s biggest plastic recycling businesses. Located in Ruaraka Industrial Area, it is one of several factories in Nairobi working in this field.

EcoPost produces two types of posts: One out of 100% recycled plastic waste and one type including sawdust, whiting and masterbatch additional to the plastics. Although the completely recycled type is cheaper, they are mainly producing and selling the mixed type for several reasons: The sawdust as a filler makes them stiffer and stronger, the new machines for this type are more than twice as efficient (2.1 tons/ day versus 1 ton/day) and people like their surface more.

Due to the molding process they are able to manufacture various forms with both types and therefore offer a big variety of proucts. Challenges for them are mainly to handle and maintain the expensive imported machines and so they are now working on optimizing the manufacturing process. Furthermore it seems like there still are only few people and companies knowing about the recycled alternative for fencing posts etc., so they are still trying to increase their number of clients.


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