Michela Consiglio

Located next door to Kitengela Glass, Eclastic (Eco & Plastic) is a one-(wo)man business, producing jewellery out of recycled bottles and other plastics.

When not busy running a Bush Camp in the Mara, Michela Consiglio spends lots of her time in her little office/workshop. Working with very basic tools and processes she creates unique handmade products like jewellery and decorative items out of the plastic trash that she is given by local restaurants and people collecting in the environment around Kitengela Glass.

At the moment she‘s planning to build a plastic shredder - to be more specific: the Precious Plastic Shredder - in order to open up more manufacturing opportunities and expand both her range of designs and her output.

Since I had now being approached about building a shredder multiple times, I asked myself: How easily can a plastic shredder be built with local materials and capacities?


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